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Crown - 2023-24

CROWN/تاج is the UK’s first touring production combining classical Persian dance, contemporary dance, and Sufi movement to tell a story of displacement, identity, and body sovereignty to an original soundtrack of live classical music and electronica.

Using Persian miniatures, lived experience and the poetry of Forough Farrokhzad, the 3 lead dancers take the audience on a journey from determination through struggle to release. Finding courage, resilience, and joy along the way.

The cast features brilliant contemporary and classical dancers and virtuoso classical Persian musicians to bring you a moving, exhilarating, and energetic experience.

CROWN is a celebration of the transformation which takes place when you realise home is within yourself.

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Together with Exeter Cathedral we commissioned two talented local artists to create a new original poetry soundscape!

Poet Katie Moudry wrote a brand new poem in response to Gaia - The Sun’s Letter to the Human Race - before Sound Artist Somatic created an added emotive layer of audio magic. The resulting piece is a beautiful blend of words & sound, and we are thrilled to share here - we hope you enjoy it!


Offie West End Awards - Young Peoples category 

Won: Best Writing
Finalist: Best Original Music
Finalist: Best Performance

The end of an era is approaching. It’s 1997 and London is about to have its last daytime rave.

British South Asians flock for their last taste of rebellion. Among them are cousins Farhan and Sadiq. Both very different. Both escaping something. Both trying to decide what it means to be British and Pakistani, a Muslim and a man – and they’ve got until 6pm to figure it out.

Daytime Deewane, by Azan Ahmed, is Half Moon’s latest touring production for teenagers. Our last two shows for this age group, Crowded and What Once Was Ours, both won the Off West End Theatre Award for Best Production for Young People Age 13+.

The performance lasts 60 minutes. After the performance there is an onstage Q&A session with the company.

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Climate Research (Cue)
00:00 / 02:16
The Church Underscore (Cue)
00:00 / 01:53


RIVER LAND tells the story of Walter and Ellie. Both live in St Thomas and both love the place dearly. Walter’s life is teeming with the ghosts of St Thomas past, especially those vivid memories of a time, 60 odd years ago, when the Exe burst its banks and water filled the streets. Young Ellie, on the other hand, is overwhelmed by visions of global floods to come. What hope might their new friendship bring?

Along with the Festival of St Thomas Stories, our new show, River Land, is the culmination of three years’ work for Theatre Alibi, listening to the powerful, moving, and often very funny stories from our neighbourhood. Join us as we open the doors to Emmanuel Hall.

WRITER: Daniel Jamieson

DIRECTOR: Nikki Sved

PERFORMER: Steve Bennett

PERFORMER: Winnie Arhin

PERFORMER: Michael Wagg


SOUND DESIGN: Somatic (Somin Griffin-Dave)

LIGHTING DESIGN: Marcus Bartlett



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It starts normally enough. Five friends meeting at university and beginning to navigate their way towards adult life. Together, they party, attempt to get jobs, form relationships, and try to find some stability in a chaotic world. But when an earth-shattering event disrupts everything they know, their lives change, possibly forever, prompting each of them to ask whether it’ll ever be possible to get back to the way things were?

Footprints is a brand-new piece of theatre, exploring the climate crisis and how we, as individuals, affect the world around us.

This production has been created in collaboration between a team of professional artists and students from University of Exeter’s Drama Department, as part of Exeter Northcott Theatre’s on-going commitment to supporting the next generation of theatre makers.

Production Team:

Yusuf Niazi  – Director

Fi Russell – Designer

Somin Griffin-Dave – Composer & Sound Designer

Marcus Bartlett – Lighting Designer

Mel Moran – Production Manager

Zoe Fitzpatrick – Stage Manager

Stevie Carty – Production LX

Kate Lyons – Costume Supervisor

Beatrice Saville – Assistant Director

Georgi Edmonds – Assistant Director

University of Exeter Drama Dept:

Sarah Goldingay

Kara Reilly

Jon Primrose


Gabriella Ashraf – Eva, Nina & Ensemble

Isabela Christon – Anna & Ensemble

Hayden Coward – Charlie

Marina Hanson Prayon – Emily, Alana, Emma & Ensemble

Max Leaver – Office Worker, Benji & Ensemble

William Maguire – Tom

Eliza Morris – Beth

Alice Nicholson – Lucy, Chloe & Ensemble

Matthew Page – Ollie

Max Persad – Ryan

Rosie Rees – Hannah, Harriet & Ensemble

Alice Robinson – Margaret, Jodie & Ensemble

Holly Saunders – Millie

Charlotte Smith – Alice, Ruby & Ensemble

Rachel Thompson – Jess

Konstantina Vougiouklaki – Kate


The absorbing tale of an unlikely friendship that develops between an ageing West Indian recluse, living in a derelict cottage and tending his bees at the edge of a picture-postcard English village, and Misty, the fiery, sixteen year old heir to the nearby manor house, who bursts into his life one summer and turns his world upside down.

It’s a story of growing up and growing old, of individual responsibility and shared history, of two worlds joined by a painting, and (just possibly) a little magic.

“You don’t always have to leave to change a thing. Sometimes the best way is to stay and change things where you is.”

Sound originally mixed for a 6.2 surround speaker configuration

Directed by Alix Harris

Sound Design By Somatic (Somin Griffin-Dave)

Set Design by Fee Harris

Stage Management by Leea Smith

An Exeter Northcott Theatre Production

Re-Form - 2020

The chopping of vegetables, a vagaar (Gujerati way of frying spices in oil, in a specific small pot), light switches, my bike chain, and the tones created by glasses and plates when excited were just some of the recorded sounds of my hyperlocal environment.

Granular processing techniques were then used to morph, create and highlight textures and extract tones not normally heard or expected by the average ear. Pieced together with recordings of my household environment which include; a conversation between my self, my mum and Nanaji (grandad), a Zoom based Hindu grief ritual (after the loss of a family friend during Covid19), increased, abundant bird song from my garden and finally sprinkled with some mashed up macro sound bites propagated by the government, create a sonic recipe for my lockdown.

Headphones Or a good Stereo pair of speakers are recommended for the full listening experience.

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