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A brand new audio-documentary series by (ARIA & OFFIE nominated artist) Somatic titled Connecting Shores has just published its call-out for interviewee participants.

Exploring young (18-30) People of Colours (POC)* relationships to the sea, coast and marine environments, this innovative project aims to document and amplify voices which are often overlooked in the natural marine narratives.


Recorded conversations will take place in Plymouth in Late JanEarly Feb (see call out form for details), where the UK’s first marine park is located and where 6% (15,882 approx [2021 census data]) of the total population identify themselves as a non-white ethnic minority, a statistical increase of 2.1% (5559 approx) over the last decade [2021 census data].


The recordings will be woven together into 8 x 15-minute episodes underscored with an original soundscape built from coastal field recordings & Somatic’s own Sound Design. The project is funded by Natural England and will be released publicly in March 2024. It is hoped to encourage more young people to engage with coastal areas and support and inform the marine sector to be more inclusive in their decision-making processes.

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Sonic Landscapes Of Colour (2021)

Aria Nominated - Best Factual series 2023


Sonic Landscapes of Colour is a Podcast-Documentary that tells the story of young (18-26) People of Colour (POC) who have grown up in The South West (Somerset, Devon & Cornwall).

Built out of nine interview recording sessions, this piece delves into how participants lived experiences have shaped their relationships to topics such as identity, school, community, culture, alienation, belonging, racism and connection to local natural landscape.

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The voices are underscored by a soundscape built from four recording sessions with non-western traditional instrumentalists; all based in the South West and augmented by Somatic's own composition and Sound Design skills.

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With thanks to my funders:

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