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The absorbing tale of an unlikely friendship that develops between an ageing West Indian recluse, living in a derelict cottage and tending his bees at the edge of a picture-postcard English village, and Misty, the fiery, sixteen year old heir to the nearby manor house, who bursts into his life one summer and turns his world upside down.

It’s a story of growing up and growing old, of individual responsibility and shared history, of two worlds joined by a painting, and (just possibly) a little magic.

“You don’t always have to leave to change a thing. Sometimes the best way is to stay and change things where you is.”

Sound originally mixed for a 6.2 configuration

Directed by Alix Harris

Sound Design By Somatic (Somin Griffin-Dave)

Set Design by Fee

Stage Management by Leea Smith

An Exeter Northcott Theatre Production

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