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The chopping of vegetables, a vagaar (Gujerati way of frying spices in oil, in a specific small pot), light switches, my bike chain, and the tones created by glasses and plates when excited were just some of the recorded sounds of my hyperlocal environment.

Granular processing techniques were then used to morph, create and highlight textures and extract tones not normally heard or expected by the average ear. Pieced together with recordings of my household environment which include; a conversation between my self, my mum and Nanaji (grandad), a Zoom based Hindu grief ritual (after the loss of a family friend during Covid19), increased, abundant bird song from my garden and finally sprinkled with some mashed up macro sound bites propagated by the government, create a sonic recipe for my lockdown.

Headphones Or a good Stereo pair of speakers are recommended for the full listening experience.

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