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"How many times have we been here before? We go around in circles. We think we have gotten so far and then we look back and realise that we are back to where we started. We are back round again. So when you see me, what do you see?"

The Elephant in the Room isn’t a story about a ship, or a journey to another land. This is a story about today and 6 characters who are still experiencing the impact of our colonial history, in cities that have only just begun to speak about their complex past.

Throughout the film, these characters are met with denial, reluctance, avoidance, ignorance and ultimately silence, as they figure out how to be seen and heard in a system that was never built for them.


Co-directed by Alix Harris and Jules Laville

Written by Alix Harris

Movement Director Jules Laville

Dramaturgy Lucy Coren

Producer Helen Bovey for Beyond Face CIC


Performed by (in order of appearance)

Victoria Horan- Humanity

Charice Bardwaj- The Voice of Freedom

Alix Harris- Freedom

Shaday Barrowes-Bayewunmi - Future

Samater Ahmed- Democracy

Shiquerra Robertson- Justice

Corinne Walker- Visibility


Richard Bailey- The Voice


Film made and edited by Daniel Martin

Costume Design by Meier Williams

Sound Design by Somatic/Somin Griffin-Dave

Production Manager Tessa Gaukroger

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